About Us

What/Who Are we?

We’re a team of Developers who’ve come from different backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities who are working on a bunch of games of different genres and types. Disclaimer: Every member of WGames writes their own description, Enjoy.

We are WGames


Austin|Head Developer, Programmer, and Game Director

Austin is a 17-year old who started work on Lurking in the Shadows in 2016 with the other 8 Developers with the ideology of wanting to make something like the popular 2007 Half-Life 2 Source Mod, “The Hidden: Source”. He came in with programming knowledge and skills to build the game how he sees fit.

 “JLew” | Head Creative Director(The Ideas Person)

JLew is 21 years old and a Genius when it comes to making up ideas for the game(JLew is totally not the one writing this *cough cough*).  They are an Avid Gamer that complains about every game out there because  “if only they did this instead it would be so much better”, “Aww man if only they would add this in it would make the game 10x better”, you get the Idea. Um… James did i put enough here? I did? ok Good.. Bye Now! *Waves*

Death| 3D Modeler| Loose Cannon

The 3D modeler for Lurking in the Shadows, is fairly easy going and humorous, and mostly just wants to die constantly. She’s pretty good at modeling stuff, probably, who knows you judge that. With a consistent lack of energy she must continuously be put in check, the fellow devs do a decent job of that, as well as the want to redo a game she played religiously for a very long time (Hidden Source).