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Title Community Moderator-Prospective Position
Categories Community
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Location Anywhere
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WGames is in search of a Community Moderator-Prospective to be one with the community of our games. From talking to people on Reddit to Managing Forums with other moderators for WGames, you’ll be in charge of a number of duties with other moderators.


  • Managing Multiple Communities.
  • Managing Forums for various titles.
  • Communicating with the Developer Team(s) on a daily basis.
  • Communicating with the Social Media Manager to successfully brand and bring various social media accounts to life.
  • Moderate Reddit, Steam Forums, WGames Studio Forums, and other types of Forum based web-sites to control a community with a positive attitude.

The ideal candidate will have a mix of the qualifications below:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Organized, flexible and able to work with multiple stakeholders(stakeholders in this case being customers).
  • High comfort level with social media and online communications.
  • Experience managing or working with creative communities.
  • Experience creating, moderating, or managing forums.
  • Game or software development background.
  • Able to reinforce communities with a positive outlook.
  • Have an enthusiastic attitude towards various people.
  • Ability to properly use the English Language, with correct and proper grammar.

Preference to candidates who(optional):

  • Have one or more shipped titles in career experience.
  • Come from a game or software development background.
  • Are comfortable speaking in public.

Required Application Materials

Cover Letter which should include:

  • Why you are interested in working with us.
  • What games you are currently playing.
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