Privacy Policy

Oh look, it’s something you’re absolutely not going to read ever.
As we have to explain our compliances with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the DPA (Data Protection Act) and the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations) because these are totally things that you care in the slightest about. So, let’s go champ:

“With thanks to Writers’ HQ, our supreme writing commanders, glorious leaders and excellent but tiny overlords, who have verily granted us permission to use the best parts of their Privacy Policy.”

In Short…

We’re a group of independent game developers and we don’t have the money to do anything with your data. “But you make video games, you have to have a lot of money.” At the beginning of this sentence there is a word called, “Independent” which means we have to make our money harder than other well-known and established Triple A Developers. We only collect and store information needed for us to communicate with you. The only thing we may do is splash Facebook Advertisements everywhere on your face.



Every website on the internet has to use these, don’t @ me. Just like all those other websites, we use cookies to save data for the website to deliver you a better experience overall. If you don’t want cookies to be enabled on our Website, then you should probably disable it on all websites by blocking them on your browser. If you’d like to block cookies on Chrome, go here(yes this is a link to the google help forums because we don’t feel like doing more work then needed). Other Browsers don’t exist to us so you’ll have to research for your own browser, godspeed.



Suprise, suprise! Yes, we do track you. But fear not! It’s only to stare at statistics relating to the website (we use the lovely Google Analytics for this). We also can see which page gets viewed the most and which don’t to where we can improve on those pages. We do track your IP address. We use something called, “Wordfence” for WordPress in order to track who comes here and sometimes to stop people from doing bad things. Like get our login information and hijack the website. We do get alerts if you try to sign-in on the website, if you request a new password (we’ll get to that later), or forgot something else.


Data Storage

Data. We do store things in our servers. We don’t actually care enough to go stare at everyone’s personal information but will get a good chuckle out of usernames.

  • On this website:
    • We store your name & e-mail address. That you provide. When signing up. With things like our forums. We will only keep track of your postal address and phone number if you win a giveaway that we actually have to send things to your front door.
    • We go through the maximum effort to protect your data and it’s not even held on site. Only 3 people (currently) have access to this information. But two of them don’t even come on here enough to actually want to stalk you.
  • We shouldn’t bother you with newsletters
    • As we don’t have the time or money to set those things up and actually nag you to buy things from us. You do what you want, you’re a human being and we’re not your parents.
  • Passwords
    • We use daintily methods to keep your information safe and for passwords, we will only ever discard/stare at them is if you haven’t come and chatted with us for a long time because that’s not how friendships work. You’re a bad friend.

Payment details

Alright, we don’t know where to go with this. If you’re here, you’ll never enter payment information on this website. We’ll use third-party websites or clients (like VALVe’s Steam) and they’ll sort that out. We earn less money like this, but money isn’t something we care for (though it is nice).


Marketing, E-mails, and Newsletters

We don’t use newsletters so I don’t even know why we’re including this in here. If you sign up for things like our Forums, we will obviously send you e-mails about confirmation and most likely if someone replies to your forum post. Maybe. We will usually not market things to you.


Deletion Rights

If you don’t feel like being associated with us anymore, that’s fine. Just shoot the e-mail over to Support and they’ll sort you out and delete you off the grid. Just an FYI, you won’t be able to post over on the forums as we need your e-mail address and name to know who you are if we need to ban you. 🙂


Social Media

Yes, just as other companies do, we use social medias. Mostly, to allow you to know information about titles from us, or just to let you know what we’re doing cause sometimes it can get lonely. You aren’t required to follow our social media accounts, but you can if you’d like. They’re on the footer of this page.